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Amazing New ZeaLand
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Nature lover’s delight – New Zealand

New Zealand, as we talk about the country, the first thing that is bound to attract us is its serene & solitary state. One of the last lands to be inhabited by the human beings due to its remoteness, it may give us an impression of being a country that is yet to catch up with the modern times and fellow nations. However, as we discuss about this splendid and sophisticated island nation, we’ll break the notion.

Geographical facts:

Located in the south-eastern part of the world, New Zealand is surrounded by the Southern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two land masses named as the North & the South Islands. New Zealand is located to the east of Australia, which is one of the closest countries and a prominent trade & commonwealth partner to it. The South Island forms most part of New Zealand and is mountainous in comparison to the North Islands.

Historical facts:

Through 13th – 18th centuries, New Zealand was inhabited and dominated by the Maori people who created a distinct culture. It is said arrival of Europeans to the New Zealand was marked by Abel Tasman; a Dutch explorer, who was forced to leave the land. Maori dominance started fading once Christians started settling down in New Zealand from the early 19th century, encouraging Maoris to take up Christianity as their faith

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New Zealand
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