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Coromandel – Within a two hour’s drive from Auckland, Coromandel is a must visit place for its superb climate along with the best beaches. It is famous for the Hot Water Beach which is more like a natural spa created due the volcanic heat rising through the ground. Coromandel has many hills that have been created by extinct volcanoes. Trekkers can get geared up to navigate through the tall fern trees native to this place with the temperate climate making it easier to explore the place better.

Mt. Cook National Park – Located Mt. Cook has some of the biggest peaks in the whole of Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the places that can’t be missed, as it has beautiful and picturesque valleys. For those who wish to experience the aerial view, can opt for the helicopter ride that will take you over the alpine covered valleys for an enthralling experience.

Rotorua- This place is famous for it’s volcanic activity, thanks to it’s natural geysers, boiling pools, hot springs and craters. It is also famous for plentiful lakes that offer a chance for swimming and fishing. Rotorua best represents the Maori Culture and travelers will have a chance to know about it from the Maori locals.

Queenstown- This is a paradise for the action and sporting activity enthusiasts. Queenstown is a premier tourist destination in New Zealand and is home to skiing, bungee jumping and white water rafting sport activities. For those who are not too adventurous may still have a good time by shopping, trying different cuisines at the local restaurants and admiring the spectacular mountain scenery.

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