Spring Holidays
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Russiaholiday package
Russia holiday package

Russia positively blooms in spring and summer. The snow melts to reveal beautifully coloured flowers and manicured lawns at many of Russia’s most famous palaces, parks and gardens and previously spindly birch trees heaving with green foliage.
Russia is pleasantly warm in summer. In July and August temperatures have been known to rival the Mediterranean. During mid-summer in the northern city of St Petersburg there is no real darkness and this wonderful phenomenon is known as ‘the white nights’. Autumn (September - October) is brief but also a good time to travel to Russia, when there are less crowds and the country is swathed in golden autumnal hues. From November through to February winter sets in and the country is usually blanketed in crisp white snow. Despite the freezing temperatures, this is a magical time to visit - think fluffy hats, warm coats, breathtaking snowy landscapes and an almost guaranteed white Christmas.
Siberia is renowned for its bitterly cold winters but the lure of picture-perfect snowscapes and winter sports attracts visitors to the region even in the coldest months of December, January and February. During March the snow is still crisp on the ground and the dry days are usually sunny and windless. Spring is a quick affair when the snow thaws and the summer months bring warmer temperatures and showers. By October the temperatures are brisk and the landscape takes on the gorgeous russet hues of autumn.

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