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Tashkent holiday package
tashkent holiday package

Uzbekistan generally has a flexible visa procedure. Except for the CIS countries, Visas are required for the tourists from all other countries. There used to be a ‘Letter of Invitation’ process for many European and American countries earlier but it now it applies in select cases. The immigration and passport procedures after entering Uzbekistan are generally lengthy but hassle free. Tourists need to make a registration of the place of their stay and declare how much money they are carrying.
The best way of getting into Uzbekistan is the air route. The most modern airport of Uzbekistan is the Tashkent airport which is home to many international carriers and also the national Uzbekistan Airways. Customs procedures and luggage claims however take a lot of time. There are many other airports at places like Andijan, Bukhara, Ferghana, Karshi, Namangan, Nukus, Samarkand, Termez and Urgench. An important fact to keep in mind while off for Uzbekistan holidays is that one should abstain from indulging in activities like drug peddling or any other offence which can land you in trouble.
As far as roaming inside the country is concerned while on Uzbekistan tour package, the advent of the metro has enhanced the convenience levels greatly yet other modes of transport like taxis, buses and cars are also used by the tourists quite frequently.

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