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Tashkent holiday package
Tashkent holiday package Uzbekistan tour package brings you closer to the cohesive and lively culture of this nation. The place is primarily inhabited by ethnic Uzbeks and Uzbek is the first language of the country. Russian and English are also widely spoken language although mostly spoken in cities. Uzbekistan also has a considerable population of Tajiks and Kazakhs.
The fact such a variety of languages is spoken in Uzbekistan gives an idea of the absorbing and inclusive nature of this nation. The cultural heritage of the place has been preserved brilliantly. In the earlier centuries building prodigious monuments and castles was seen as a matter of pride and dignity by the ruling dynasties and the legacy has been taken care of in the most appreciable of ways.
The food of Uzbekistan is sumptuous and tantalizing. The Uzbekistan tour package offers an amazing experience to explore the exuberant culture of the ethnically rich country.

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