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Cuisines of Arunachal Pradesh vary as per the region, as there is a lot of tribal influence in the food of Arunachal Pradesh. Non vegetarian is a preferred choice here and the food is cooked with minimum spices thus making it bland. However, edible herbs are used to make the food tasty. The cuisines are nutritious. Organic vegetables, herbs and fermented bamboo shoots are the integral ingredients of tribal cuisines.

Rice is the staple food of the state and people have it with meat, fish and vegetables. Rice is prepared in different ways. Dung Po and Kholam are the two different processes of cooking rice. Fish is used to make curry, soup or it is consumed in fried form. Pasa is a fish soup prepared from fresh raw fish. Ngatok is an authentic fish curry prepared here.

Apang or rice beer is a popular alcoholic drink in Arunachal Pradesh, which is made from fermented rice or millet. Other than this you may also savour delicious Chinese cuisine as well here that is also very popular in Arunachal Pradesh.

Rice is the staple food of all the tribe’s of Arunachal Pradesh. Dung Po (Steam Rice) is the most popular version of cooking rice. Two brass utensils are used for this purpose. In this part of the world, the myth persist that food cooked in a brass utensils are always delicious. Maybe because of this persisting myth, brass has become a popular cooking apparatus found in the house of the poorest of the poor. On the top,the rice is filled with some leaves to secure it from scattering as the pot is hollow from beneath and the 2nd pot is filled with water to generate steams to cook the rice. The cooked rice is wrapped in leaves to serve

Kholam is also another popular and unique process of cooking rice. In this method a bamboo tube is used instead of metal utensils. The rice is filled with water in a custom made bamboo tube measuring 21/2 feet in height than it is left beside the traditional heath with enough heat to cook it. Before eating the rice the outer layer of the bamboo tube is delicately incised.

Arunachal Pradesh
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