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Location: 90.36' E to 97.30' E, 26.42' N to 29.30' N
Area: 83,743 sq. km

In the North-Eastern part of India, Arunachal Pradesh is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. This naturally beautiful state lies between the latitudes of 26.42' N to 29.30' N and longitudes of 90.36' E to 97.30' E. It shares its borders with only two Indian states, Assam in the south and Nagaland in the south-east. As regards other countries, Myanmar lies to its east, Bhutan to its west, and Tibet to its north.

The extended Himalayan ranges in the eastern part separates the state from China. Further the ranges widen near Nagaland, and form a frontier among India and Burma in Changlang and Tirap district. Its topography is illustrated by mountainous ranges and sub-mountainous terrains beside the northern parts. Rivers, like Brahmaputra, Kameng, Siang, Lohit, Subansiri, Tirap, etc. flow through its expanse, and provide fresh waters to the dwellers.


Arunachal Pradesh
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