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The dances of the prople of Arunachal are group dances - where both men and women take part. There are, however, some dances such as Igu dance of the Mishmi priests, war dances of the Adis, Noctes and Wanchos, ritualistic dance of the Buddhist tribes, which are male dances. Females are not allowed to dance in these dances. Some of the popular folk dances of the people are Aji Lamu (Monpa Tribe), Roppi (Nishing Tribe), Hiirii Khaniing (Apatani Tribe), Popir (Adi Tribe), Pasi Kongki (Adi), Chalo (Nocte Tribe), Ponung (Adi Tribe), Rekham Pada(Nishing Tribe), Lion and Peacock dance (Monpa) and so on. Most of the dances are accompanied by songs sung generally in chorus.
The Monpas, besides performing Monastic dances for three days during Torgya festivals, also perform other dances on different occasions. Some of them are- Aji Lhamu dance, yak dance and lion & peacock dances

Music of Arunachal Pradesh
The themes of songs sung are like fables involving creatures or the animal and words signifying moral deduction. The folk song of Pailibos are related more to their folk history, mythology and description of their known historic past.

Folk songs of Arunachal, sung on different festivals and occasion :

Ja Jin Ja DanceJa-Jin-Ja Folk Song : On occasion of feasts and merriment, during marriages or other social meets, this song is sung. Both men and women sing it in chorus or individually. But once the song starts, all those who are present join them in singing.

Baryi Folk Song: It is a song which narrate their history, their religious lore and mythology. Its whole cycle takes hours to complete. It is also a feature of festivals or of occasion of important social or religious gatherings.

Both Ja-Jin-Ja and Baryi sons produces a nostalgic feeling in Pailibos, as the glories of the past ancestors are narrated through them.

Nyioga Folk Song: The song is sung when a marriage ceremony is concluded and the bridal party returns leaving the bride in her home. The theme is that of the joy. It contains pieces of advice to the bride for her future life

Arunachal Pradesh
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