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Tour In Australia
The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road (Victoria) –The Great Ocean Road is arguably one of the best scenic drives of the world. Its official length is 243 kms (approximately 150 miles), but it will take you a full day to enjoy it due to the narrow and windy traffic lanes (only one in each direction). It hugs the coast line with panoramic views of the ocean and cliffs, and it winds its way through cool climate rain forests. There are many beaches that you can stop and swim at along the drive, and also numerous townships, hikes, and other attractions for you to partake in.

The Grampians National Park

The Grampians National Park (Victoria) –Located 175 kms north of Warrnambool (the official end of the Great Ocean Road) is the Grampians National Park and the township of Halls Gap. The park is 1,672 kmē in size and is host to amazing hikes, series of low-angled sandstone ridges, and is one of the richest Indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia. Its beauty and grandeur are well known to locals, and stuns all who come to visit. You can almost feel the magic of the Indigenous dream time legends in the land around you.


Sydney (New South Wales) - While many Australian's will scoff when they read this, believing Australia has many better attractions, the reason Sydney has made the list is because it is such an iconic feature of Australia. For those of you have made a flight from potentially the other side of the world, if you come and don't see Sydney, it's a bit like going to Germany and not drinking a beer, or to England and not seeing London, or America and not trying a hot dog.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay (New South Wales) -Located in New South Wales, just south of the Queensland border, Byron Bay is popular with not just international tourists, but is also a favourite holiday destination of Australians. The lighthouse is amazing at sunset (and it is the most easterly part of mainland Australia). There are a range of music festivals over the year that attract international and local musicians alike.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island (Queensland)–Located just off the coast near Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. With over 120 kilometres of pristine beaches it's easy to understand why thousands of people visit each month. The most popular way to get around the island is by hiring a 4wd for 2-3 days and explore where ever your fancy takes you.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef (Queensland)–This attraction, along with Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, is one of those attractions that is known by virtually everyone, and is synonymous with Australia. Stretching for approximately 2,300 kms, it is home to a vast wealth or rare, endangered, and unique animal and plant species.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest (Queensland)– Located in northern Queensland, approximately 110 kms north of Cairns (and don't forget to stop at Port Douglas on your way, it's stunning), the rainforest is a nature wonderland. It is Australia's largest rainforest, about 30% of Australia's reptile, marsupial and frog species, 65% of the country's bat and butterfly species, and 20% of Australia's native bird species can be found within the Daintree.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park (The Northern Territory) – Located approximately 200 kms south east of Darwin, Kakadu national park covers nearly 20,000 kmē (3.2 million acres), and includes the traditional lands of several Indigenous tribes. With over 5,000 rock painting sites, it's easy to see that this area was particularly sacred to the traditional landowners.


Uluru (The Northern Territory)– If you come to Australia you must see Uluru. So many times we have heard people say something like, "I was not going to bother, you know, it's just a rock. But once I started to get closer, and it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, it's hard to put into words the feeling that overcome me. You could feel the history, the magic, the splendour that is Uluru".

Uluru Freycinet National Park / Wineglass Bay (Tasmania)– Down in pristine Tasmania, sticking out into the sea on Tasmania's mild east coast is the rugged and beautiful Freycinet Peninsula, home to Wineglass Bay. The peninsula is home to numerous other bays which provide beautiful secluded swimming beach, snorkelling and scuba areas, rock pools, and many other attractions.

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