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Tour In Chhattisgharh
Chhattisgarh Tour

Known as “Dakshin Kosal” in ancient times, Chhattisgarh is a state with several unique features, such as abundant natural resources, rich biodiversity, and rich cultural diversity. With all major minerals including diamonds in abundance, it is the richest State in mineral resources. Chhattisgarh takes its name from 36 (Chhattisgarh is thirty-six in Hindi and Garh is Fort) princely states in this region from very old times. It borders Madhya Pradesh on the northwest, Maharashtra on the west, Andhra Pradesh on the south, Orissa on the east, Jharkhand on the northeast and Uttar Pradesh on the north. Chhattisgarh is a 21st century State, came into being on November 1, 2000. It spans an area of about 135,194 km² and its population is over 20,795,956. The state capital is Raipur and the language is Chhattisgarhi. Mahanadi, one of largest rivers in India, originates from Chhattisgarh. The people are friendly, open, warm and industrious.




Places of Interest


Bastar: Bastar District is a district of the state of Chhattisgarh in central India. Jagdalpur is the district headquarters. The district has an area of 8755.79 km². Bastar District is bounded on the northwest by Rajnandgaon District, on the north by Kanker District, on the northeast by Dhamtari District, on the east by Nabarangpur and Koraput districts of Orissa state, on the south and southeast by Dantewada District, and on the east by Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra state.


Raipur: Raipur District is the name of a district in Chhattisgarh, India. The district is rich in mineral resources. There are many wild life sanctuaries and sightseeing places worth visiting. The district has the population of 30 lakhs.


Bilaspur: Bilaspur district is a district of the Chhattisgarh state of India. Bilaspur city is the headquarters of the district. The name of the district derived from the city of Bilaspur, the administrative headquarters of the district. The name 'Bilaspur' originated from Bilaspur, a fisherwoman who founded it according to a legend.


Dhamtari: Dhamtari is a district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It was officially formed on July 6, 1998, from an amalgamation of Dhamma and Tarai (hence the name). The district headquarter is Dhamtari. It is situated between 20042' N Latitude and 81o33' Longitude. The total area of the district is 2029 km² and it is 305 meters above the sea level. In the east, Satpura range is located. It is popularly known as Sihawa pahad.


Durg: Durg District is situated in Chattisgarh state of India. Until 2000 it formed part of Madhya Pradesh. District headquarter is Durg. The district covers an area of 8,537 km². The population in 1991 was 2, 397,134 of which 12.4% were members of scheduled tribes.

The district is home to two important religious sites. The principal Hindu temple, the Ganga Maiyaat Jhalmala, Jain shrine of Uwasaggaharam Parshwa Teerth at Nagpura (near Durg), attract pilgrims from all over India.

The town of Bhilai is home to the Bhilai Steel Plant.


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