Spring Holidays
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China holiday package
china holiday package

China travel tips offer some useful tips for China travel. Such useful China travel tips as baggage allowance, baggage packing & checklist, tipping in china, cell phone rental in China, china travel laws, china weather, measurement & electricity in China, internet& telephone service in China, China travel safety, time difference, washroom in China etc. are all included. These China travel tips would be great help for your China travel.

Essential Items Passport, Visa, and other necessary travel documents. Airlines, cruise or train tickets. A guide book or phrasebook with English. Map of places you are going to visit. Emergency card with your detailed contact information including full name, address, phone number. Money, credit card, Traveler's checks, and cash. First-aid kit. Your medical record and medicines like vitamins, Pepto Bismol and Imodium chewables. Toiletries. Alarm clock or watch with alarm. Pocket tissues. As most pubic bathrooms in China do not offer toilet paper, and you'll be glad that you have some when you need it. Clothing The casual outdoor clothes are highly recommended. A pair of comfortable walking shoes. Socks, pants and underwear. an umbrella and waterproof. Hat, Sunscreen and sunglasses, depending on the season and your destination. Laundry bag

China Packing Tips Make copies for all your important materials and keep the copied items separately to the original one. Store a backup of your information in your email account or on a USB thumb drive. Do not put too much money in a same place, spread it around your pockets. Do not carry expensive jewelry and watches. Do not keep your credit card and identification card together. Do not pack excessive quantities of drugs as you may have problems at China Customs. Rolling your clothes together instead of folding them one by one to save space. Put the items you uses regularly at the top of your carry on.

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