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China holiday package
China holiday package

China tourist visa also called L visa has several types depending on the number of entry including single entry, double entry and multiple entry for 6/12/24 months. Foreign travelers usually need Single-entry L Visas to travel in China. A foreign traveler with an L visa is not allowed to do other activities including employment and journalist interviews. You have to apply work visas or business visa to build business or a journalist visa to take part in the journalist interviews.

Chinese Single-entry L Visa
In general, Chinese Single-entry visas are valid for 90 days which begin at the issue date. If the holders of the visas donít entry China in the valid duration, the visa will be null and void. And foreign travelers can stay 30 days started from the date of entry.
Chinese Double-entry L Visa
Chinese double-entry visas are valid for 180 day started from the date of issue. Foreign travelers need Chinese double-entry visas if they plan to return the mainland from Hong Kong and Macau SAR.

Documents for visa
Passports must be valid for more than six month and also have two blank visa pages because the first empty page in the passport canít be used in China. Applicants should prepared one recent photo of 2x2 square inches and a visa application form with true and right information of the applicants. Make sure the documents and information are correct, or the visa is easily to refuse.
Where to apply a visa
Foreigner travelers can apply a visa in person in the visa office of the Chinese embassy or consulate in their own countries. Besides, a travel agent or a visa agent can also help you to deal with the visa in the Embassy or Consulate office

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