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China holiday package
China holiday package

As one of Four Great Ancient Civilized Nations, China is endowed with time-honored history of more than 5000 years. As is known, the famous Yellow River and Yangtze River are the place where the Chinese nation originated. It was legendarily told that it was the earliest ancestor named Pangu who created the universe and Chinese nation later on. From that on, Chinese history begins. Actually, the recorded Chinese history is about 4000 years, which is starred from Shang Dynasty. The long history of China could be generally divided into three periods, the ancient time, imperial times as well as modern times

China is a large tourist country with profound culture. When visiting China, exploring Chinese culture is what you can not miss. Chinese culture page offers the most glorious essence of Chinese culture, such as Chinese cuisine,Chinese table manners, Chinese zodiac signs, Chinese tea culture, Kongfu Beijing opera and the likes

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