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People of Goa wear clothing as per its tropical climate. Cotton costumes are ideal for tropical climate places such as Goa. Therefore, most of the cloths are inspired by the weather and cotton outfits are worn by inhabitants of Goa throughout this southern state of India..

During the winter, men and women wear woolen clothes and jacket. The traditional clothing for men and women in Goa is almost similar to other south Indian states. Women like to wear a nine yard sari called as ‘Nav-Vari’ with stunning jewelleries. There is another traditional costume for females i.e. ‘Pano Bhaju’. It looks stunning in women and they love to wear with beautiful ornaments.

In accessories, there are so many things to wear for women like leafy loincloths called as ‘Valkal’ and a wide range of beds. The traditional outfits are considered by tribes like Velip, Gauda, Zalmi, Dhangar and Kunbi. Loincloth is called Kashti worn with a blanket i.e. Kunbi Palloo.

Goa receives the influx of millions of tourists throughout the year as it is famous for its panoramic beaches. Travelers also bring their culture, clothing and other stuff. Hence locals have also influenced by the western clothing. Goans love to mingle with outsiders and wear their costumes too.


Goan Catholics:

Goan Catholics have unique culture, which is a mixture of Indian and Portuguese cultures. Portuguese came to Goa in 1510, and people of Goa adopted the culture of Portuguese but also kept following their traditions, customs and Hindu caste system. The Indo-Latin culture became famous for their outstanding clothing as well.


Goan Catholic women commonly wear dresses/gowns. These are some of the common attires for females. Men put on the bridegroom and suits of western-style. Virgin-white gown is worn by the bride. Modern Goan Catholics usually held a White wedding. Costly outfits are purchased for the wedding day. During festivals like Easter, Good Friday and Christmas, Goan Catholics wear special clothing.

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