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Best Season / Best time to visit Goa
Goa enjoys a pleasant climate and can be visited all through the year. But the best time to visit is from October to June.

Summer (March to May) is hot in Goa but the sea breeze offers solace to the heat. The maximum temperature reaches up to 40°C. During this time the place has fewer crowd.
Winter (October to February) offers pleasant weather and is a peak season for tourists and festivities. It is ideal for perfect holidays and honeymoons. The minimum temperature goes down to 15°C. Sea beaches, sightseeing and water sports can be best enjoyed during this time.
Monsoon (June to September) offer heavy to medium rainfalls. The place has its own charm during monsoons, lush greenery and rural holiday in the interiors can be enjoyed during this period.

March to May is warm, with less crowds and this period is ideal for those seeking for some quiet and peaceful moments far away from the city life. Besides, it is a good time for a budget holiday. June to September is by accompanied by rainfalls, and this period is ideal for eco-tourism. Tourist season starts from October, and the place offer very pleasing climate. From October to February is perfect for sea beaches, sightseeing and enjoying water sports. Festivals and nights parties will make your holidays enjoyable.

During the year end, one can enjoy the festivities related to major religious festivals of Christmas and New Year. During this period Goa is completely lit up and there are many parties to celebrate the occasion. The carnival in February and Sao Joan festival in mid-June are celebrated with much fanfare.







Weather during this month is pleasant and glorious with cooler nights. January accompanies lots of sunshine with beautiful blue skies. New Year is celebrated in high spirits with full of colors and excitement. Day time is perfect for beach activities and water sports while parties/beach parties can be best enjoyed during nights. However, the rates hiked phenomenally so, you should plan early and block dates in advance for this month.



Pleasant climate condition for the tourists and honeymooners to visit. One of the peak tourist months, the Carnival festival is held during this period. You will find night parties on beaches and hotels. It is also a perfect time for enjoying at exotic beaches, sightseeing and water sports. Expect higher rates and huge crowd during this period.


Moderately Hot

Summer begins from this month. Weather is mild warm; evenings are pleasant and enjoyable. You can indulge in beach activities or peep through the colonial monuments and indulge in various water sports during this month. You will find beach parties till March end, and the rates of the hotels will be high during this period.


Moderately Hot

The weather is warm and humid with hardly a cloud in the sky. The place gets fewer crowds and this time is recommended to those vacationers seeking to spend some leisure moments far away from hustle and bustle of life. Beaches can be enjoyed during evening while swimming becomes trickier due to rougher sea. Most of the beach shacks have been dismantled and only main restaurants remain open. Moreover, the prices for hotels/resorts and water activities become lower during this time.


Moderately Hot

Moderately hot weather with humidity while evenings are pleasant and enjoyable. Prices, especially hotels and resorts are lower during this period which makes it ideal for budget holiday. On the beach almost all the shacks have been dismantled and only the main restaurants remain open. Due to rougher sea, swimming is less safe during this time. Besides beaches, visiting wildlife sanctuaries could offer slight respite from the heat.



Monsoon usually starts from this month, and Goa can be at its most beautiful during rainy days. There will be light clouded skies during this month. Beach shacks have been already dismantled by this month and swimming is less safe due to rougher sea. This period is best recommended for enjoying the charms of wet Goa. One can enjoy walking at the sea beaches and is really good time for eco-tourism.



The place receives the heaviest rainfall in this month. Rainfalls sometimes occur continuously for long days. Beach shacks are closed and due to high and strong tides, swimming is off-limits. There will be no water activities/adventure sports at this time. However, this period is ideal for exploring eco-tourism, spice plantations and enjoying solitary moment with nature. The prices for tourist (hotels/resorts) are at their lowest during this time.



Rainy days with humidity, making it less favorable for tourist visits. Shacks on the beach are closed and swimming is restricted due to higher tides. Besides, watersports/adventures are also closed in monsoon months. However, nature is at its best during monsoon, and is an interesting period to observe wildlife and green vegetation. Hotels/resorts rates are also lower (up to 30%) and this period is a good time for eco-tourism and green plantations.



Monsoon continues accompanying moderately humid weather in this month. Shacks on the beach are closed and swimming is off-limits due to high tides. Many of the tourist facilities (basically the water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing etc) are closed in this time and even the hotels/resorts rates are lower up to 30%. This time is recommended for enjoying wildlife, lush greenery and enjoying holiday inside the resorts. You can still enjoy walking on the beaches on low tides and the true essence of monsoon.



The climate is pleasant and a period thronged by vast number of tourists. Clear sky throughout the day with less rains and the weather becomes perfect for beach holiday. From mid-October, beach shacks and shops start to open and the period is enjoying at the exotic beaches, sighting and indulging in thrilling water sports.



Weather is very pleasant and peak season for tourists. The sea becomes calm and bamboo shacks starts to flourish on the beach. It is the best time to enjoy beach activities, sightseeing and various thrilling water sports. Rates become high and expect huge crowds in this time. Besides, you can also enjoy Goa Heritage Festival and Tiatr Festival held in November.



Weather is very pleasing with cooler nights. It is the best time to visit the place. Daytime is perfect for hanging out at the sea beaches, sightseeing and enjoying water sports. You will find night parties anywhere on the beaches and the hotels. Christmas and New Year is celebrated with full of colors in Goa. It is a peak tourist season and the rates are very high in this month. It’s better to plan early and block dates in advance and be ready to expect huge crowd.

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