Spring Holidays
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Hong kong holiday package
Hong Kong holiday package

Passport - valid 6 months after date of travel, (1 photocopy)
Ticket - or confirmation code for E-ticket
Visa get it close to departure date to make sure it's still valid
Suitcase/bag - with small combination lock
Clothing - depends entirely on where you go....always bring swimsuit
Drivers License almost nowhere requires an international drivers licence
Travel insurance sometimes required for a visa
Cheap cellphone with removable SIM card
I-pod w/ charger and headphones
Electrical converter
Tiny flashlight
Sunscreen/lip balm
Tiny first aid kit w/ Advil
Toilet paper
Rain jacket
Cheap watch with alarm clock
Flip flops
Guide book
Inflatable neck rest
Plastic bag
Extra passport photos
Travel hints
Move your wallet to your front pocket which is difficult to pick pocket. Tell the airline you only eat vegetarian/kosher/halal because you get served first Always wear pants on a bus or plane which are always kept a bit cooler than comfortable Save a copy of your passport in your email so you can print it out if lost. Forget travellers checks, bring an ATM card and American dollars, almost everywhere has an ATM Gold shops often give the best exchange rates Buy things there: Don't pack batteries, tape, water bottle, etc., all that is best bought when needed. Tell your bank or credit card company the destination so they don't cancel credit purchases. Tell them when you are back so they can cancel any mysterious credit purchases.

Hong Kong
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