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Amazing Maldives
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Mesmerizing Maldives

Rising above the blue waters of the 6,200 miles wide Indian Ocean, made up of almost 1200 small islands comprising of colorful coral reefs and spectacular beaches, is the island nation Maldives which is also the smallest and the most sparsely populated Asian country. Blessed with natural unhampered beauty it is the lowest country in terms of sea-level. With dazzling crystal clear waters, white sands reflecting sun and tall palm trees, Maldives remains a favorite island destination for all those people who need respite from their busy lives and be with themselves and their loved ones for a while.

Geographical facts:

Surrounded by the massive 35,000 sq. miles wide Indian Ocean, Maldives lies to the Southwest of Sri Lanka, which is a prominent neighbor along with India being the other. The country is broken into several smaller and larger islands which are visible from the space as scattered white beads on the Indian Ocean. Maldives is reported to have thousands of reefs comprising of hundreds of species of colorful corals. With rich marine life, Maldives is a hot spot for scuba divers. Comprising of 26 Atolls forming a double chain like structure, Maldives is more like a country that has risen from the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Historical facts:

It is said that the first settlers of Maldives were fishermen from Sri Lanka. Around 500 BC, marked the rise of Buddhism in Maldives with the arrival of immigrants from Northwest India and Sri Lanka. Due to the influence of the Arabic traders who visited Maldives very often, there was mass conversion of the Maldivian people into Islam by the advent of the 12th century. During the colonial conquests of the 16th century, the Portuguese invaded the country and killed the then King Sultan Ali VI. The 17th through the 20th century saw the arrival and departure of the Dutch and the British, with the latter declaring Maldives as an independent state in 1965.

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