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What documents will be required?
Visitors entering the Republic of Maldives should fulfill the following requirement for the grant of an entry permit into the country.
* Possession of a valid international travel document issued by the Government of a Sovereign State.
* Possession of a valid return air ticket to a destination where the passenger has permission to enter, together with necessary visas for the onward journey to the next destination.
* Possession of minimum of US$30.00 per person per day or confirmed hotel reservation for the intended period of stay in the Maldives. Following are exempted from this requirement.
* Diplomats
* UN Personnel
* Approved persons for employment
* Technical and other experts attached to the Government
* Those who have confirm bookings in registered tourist resort/hotels etc.
* Those sponsored by Maldivians
Other information: If you desire to stay few more days in the Maldives after the expiry of 30 days visa, must fill an application form requesting to extend your visa. The Department of Immigration and Emigration approves your visa requirement and extends visa up to ninety days, only if you have enough funds and is staying in a resort or hotel. Without valid authorization, if a traveler is staying over 60 days, he/she will have to face the consequences of violation of country’s rules through fine and deportment. Before departure from Maldives, travelers except diplomats and exempted travelers must fulfill all the requirements like paying airport departure tax. Exempted travelers include diplomats, UN personnel, experts attached to the Government, approved persons for employment in the country, sponsored by Maldivians, those having bookings in registered tourist resorts or hotels are not suppose to pay any airport departure tax. All travelers entering Maldives via private yacht are also issued free 30 days visa. Prior permission is required to anchor boats or vessels in atolls other than Male through agents.

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