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Tour In Orissa
Orissa Culture , People , Language

Culture of Odisha (Orissa) - The sacred environs of Lord Jagannath temple, the eroticism of Konark's Sun temple, the wondrous caves of Jainism, the mystical monasteries of Buddhism, the paintings of folklore and the weaver's magic; all stand as meek evidences of an eloquent past and continuing golden present of Odisha (Orissa).

Expressions of the soul find way in the form of indigenous theatres namely 'Prahalad-Nataka' or the 'Dhanuyatra' here. Dance and music form an inseparable part of the rich culture of the state. The exotic classical dance of the region evolved from the cult of the 'devadasis' or female temple dancers. Folk dances like 'Chhow' and 'Sambalpuri' along with tribal dances like 'Ghumura' & 'Paraja' leave every spirit truly elated. Then there are fairs like 'Bali Jatra' that come as a reminder of an ancient maritime links with Bali. And to crown it all is the universally-acclaimed 'Rathyatra' of Lord Jagannath which has become an absolute synonym to Orissan culture.

People & Lifestyle of Odisha (Orissa) - Ancient Odisha (Orissa) was a confluence of racial streams that kept on invading the state leaving their own imprints thus affecting the life style a lot. Historians believe that Aryans entered Odisha (Orissa) from the northeast, subjugated the primitive people living there and imposed on them their language and culture. But on reflection we conclude that the people then living in the land were not perhaps all of the primitive type, nor were they subjugated culturally. What might have happened probably was a racial and cultural amalgamation.


People of Odisha (Orissa), have still retained India's earliest civilization in its pristine form by keeping their traditional values still alive. Not only in their secluded hamlets, but also in the countless thousands of villages in the country side one can catch a glimpse of the dwindling horizon of humanity, through the innocent and benign outlook of tile villagers. A sensitive person who happens to be a prisoner of the modern society with its stress and strain will not, while in a typical Oriya village, fail to mark the relationship of its common people with God, nature and their fellow men.


A direct descendant of eastern Magadhi, Oriya is the principal and regional language of Odisha (Orissa). Belonging to the Aryan family of languages, it is closely related to Assamese, Bengali and Maithili. Under the influence of neighboring regional languages of the Aryan and Dravidian families, Oriya has developed many linguistic variations, such as Baleswari (Balasore), Bhatri (Koraput), Laria (Sambalpur), Sambalpuri (Sambalpur and other western districts), Ganjami (Ganjam and Koraput), Chhatisgarhi (Chhatisgarh and adjoining areas of Odisha (Orissa)) and Medinipuri (Midnapur district of West Bengal).


Besides, hilly regions of north and south Odisha (Orissa) have their own local versions of Oriya with many linguistic peculiarities. The first dated, inscription in Oriya goes back to 1051 AD discovered at Urajang. But some of the recent discoveries of Sanskrit inscriptions with Oriya words reported from certain areas of the ancient Kalinga Empire push back its lineage to the 6th century AD.


The Oriya script, descending from Brahmi, has been given Dravidian finish, probably during the reign of the Ganga kings. And the shape was admirably adapted to writing on processed palm leaves with an iron stylus.

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Similipal Sanctuary
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Rath Yatra
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Orissa Tribal Tour
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