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Philippines Tour Package
Gateway to Philippines
Philippines Tour Package Philippines-
The land consisting of a galaxy of islands is one of the most alluring travel destinations in South East Asia. Philippines tour package is a delightful experience for the travelers who opt for this wonderful island nation. Philippines, one of the world's longest coastlines, has a diverse culture emanating from the multiple ethnic groups that inhabit this country. Considered to be the largest Asian Catholic country, Philippines has a uniqueness of its own coming from the mixture of foreign influences and arts. All these facets add to the wonderfulness of Philippines holiday package.

Philippines Tour Package: Heritage and Growth Curve

It is believed that the first set of people who settled in Philippines came from the mainland Asia, crossing shallow seas. Philippines, until the 1960s stood second only to Japan in terms of development in Asia. But Philippines was thrown into debt by the ruler Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country for several decades. Until 2008, the estimated population of Philippines was about 96 million. Chinese, Koreans, Indians and Japanese are the four largest foreign minorities that live in the island nation. Growth in the country is not fast paced but still the tourism industry in Philippines is doing well and giving a reasonable impetus to country’s economy. Philippines holiday package offer a wide spectrum of experiences when it comes to holidaying in South East Asia

Philippines Tour Package: Culture Fervor

Philippines tour package brings you closer to the cohesive and vivacious culture of this wonderful country. The multi ethnicity of the country adds various shades and colours to culture of Philippines. The western culture is more influential in the big cities like Manila. However, the people who migrate from the rural areas to the more urbanized parts of the country exhibit a typical Filipino culture. Tinkling dance, which is the most famous dance form in the country, is like the mirror of Filipino culture explaining every bit of it. Filipinos are pretty religious in nature in addition to being firm believers in the existence of spirits, ghouls and elves. English and Filipino are the two official languages of Philipinnes. Filipino is inspired by the Tagalog language, which is a relative of Malay and English, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and many other languages mostly from the Indian subcontinent and Europe. The Philippines tours offer an amazing experience to explore the feverous culture of the ethnically rich country.

Philippines tour package: Important Travel Facts

Philippines generally allow hassle free visa permits for tourists making the Philippines tour package easy to arrange. Majority of the countries allow entry into Philippines without a visa for a period of maximum three weeks. Being an archipelago, the air route is the best and the easiest way to get into Philippines. Manila, Cebu, Davao, Angeles, Kalibo are some of the airports that you can visit through the Philippines tour package. Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express, Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines are some among the national carriers. Places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo which have a large Filipino population has a better chance of traveling at relatively lesser fares as the travel agencies at these places advertise low fare traveling. The Philippines tour package is going to be light on your pocket as roaming around in the cities is quite inexpensive and convenient too. Taxis and buses remain the basic mode of transportation in Philippines. As it is an island nation, cruises and boats are a major attraction when off on Philippines holidays. For attractive shopping options in the cities to double the charm of Philippines tour package, travelers are advised to carry funds in abundance.

Philippines Tour Package: Climate- Best Time to Visit

Philippines holiday packages are best enjoyed in the months of November to February as these are the coolest and dryer months of the year in the otherwise tropically dominated climate of Philippines. March to May are the hottest months while most of the torrential rain falls occur during the months from June to October. Baguio, which is considered to be the summer capital of the country, remains generally cool as it is located in mountainous regions with temperatures going down to 20°C at night. Certain regions of the country are generally drought prone in the summer months. Thus it is not advisable to go on Philippines tour package in the summer months. Plus one should not forget to double the pleasure of Philippines tour package with the mouth watering food of the country.

Philippines Tour Package: Main Attractions

Philippines holiday package is a highly preferred package by people particularly in Asia who wants to have an enjoyable leisure time with friends and family. However, given the tropical climate of the region, the package must be very wisely chosen. Philippines is a very bustling shopping destinations. Many big malls have been established in the country. The food of Philippines is sumptuous and tantalizing drawing major influences from Chinese, Malay, Spanish, European and American cuisines. In addition, the big cities have several large fast food chains. To sum it up- good food, exotic shopping destinations and a euphoric feel are a perfect way to describe the attractions which one can’t miss out while off on a Philippines tour package

Philippines Tour package: Places to Explore

Indulge in shopping, dining, art and culture, spas, swimming pools- you name the euphoric activity and you get it through the Philippines tour package. The most popular places to set your eyes on through Philippines tour package are as follows-

Manila –

It is the cosmopolitan capital that you will experience in the Philippines tour package. It is famous for its parks, museums, churches and wild life sanctuaries. It is the best place to enjoy the beauty of Philippines tour package. One can really come close to nature in Manila thus making the Philippines holidays worth every penny spent.

Bacolod –

It is often termed to be the city of smiles. Highly famous for an annual festival named Mass Kara, Philippines holidays are incomplete without a visit to Bacolod. It is also known for its culinary heritage where it is famous for its Chicken Inasal and sweet dessert treats.

Cagayan de Oro

For adventure on Philippines tour package, you must plan to come to Cagayan de Oro. This place is also known as the ‘City of Golden Friendship’. It is one of the most picturesque cities in the itinerary of Philippines tour package, most known for its whitewater rafting. You can also take pleasure in aerial sports such as hot air balloon, and adventure sports like trekking, sea kayaking, mountain biking and basketball while on a trip for Philippines tour package.

Zamboanga City

This city is known as the city of flowers and is one of the busiest port cities in the country. This city adds to the flavor of Philippines holiday as it is famous for Fiesta Pillar, a festival which is in honor of the holy image of Our Lady of Pillar.

Banau –

Banau is a UNESCO heritage site. A visit to this city adds to the cultural flavor of Philippines tour package. This city is home to 2000 years old rice terrace made by the Igorots. Filipinos consider it to be the eighth wonder of the world.

Camarines Sur –

This is a hot favorites destination while off on Philippines holidays. Camarines Sur has beautiful coral reefs and shorelines of Black and white sands. Water skiing is famous here and hence becomes an adventure trip point for people who are on Philippines tour packages.


It is home to beautiful beaches which have coral reefs that are home to a large variety of fishes, not only coral reefs but also animals such as dugongs and manta rays. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean Park, a cave with beautiful rock formations as well as an underground river is a special attraction when in Palawan on Philippines tour package.

Malapascua –

Malapascua is one of the many islands in Philippines that is a must to be visited when off on Philippines holidays. The island features a beautiful white sand shoreline and coral gardens.

The Philippines tour package is enthralling for one and all. So you should relish a wonderful experience while off on Philippines tour package with best deals on offer.

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