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Though Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, temperatures vary throughout the country. The mountainous areas in central Sri Lanka are often much colder, and on average are about 15 degrees Celsius. In contrast, the north-eastern coast, the hottest part of the country, has an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures on the coastline of the south-western half of the country, for instance Colombo, vary minutely, averaging 27-29 all year round. Sri Lanka has two distinct monsoon seasons: the Yala monsoon and the Maha monsoon. The wet season brought by the Yala monsoon winds lasts from May to July and affects the south-western half of the country. The Maha monsoon wind brings rains to the north-eastern half from October to January. The eastern beaches are therefore in season when the southern beaches are not see our 'Sri Lanka Classic with Eastern Beach' for an ideal holiday during this time.
The inter-monsoon period between August and September is generally relatively dry throughout the country, though the north and east can be extremely hot during this time. While there will be summer storms during this period, they are usually short and sharp and in the evenings rather than the day. Our family holidays are generally designed for this period.
Sri Lanka is therefore a year-round destination because half of it is always in season. Moreover, the monsoon rains are not sharply defined and even when it is very wet and the rains extremely heavy, they usually last only a few hours at a time leaving the rest of the day to be hot and sunny. This is not always the case of course and it has been known to rain heavily all day during the so called 'dry season'!
Just to further complicate the picture, in recent years, the monsoon rains have become much harder to predict. We are happy too recommend any of our 'classic Sri Lanka Holidays' at any time of year, and we will never guarantee a rain free trip - at any time of year.


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