Spring Holidays
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Srilanka holiday package
Holiday package

In very rare situations, people put violence or arguments with each other, and as for you its simply stay out of it. You may call the emergency number 119 from any local phone and report the matter to authorities. Yet keep youself out and let them to handle there matter by them selves.
Country is very much concerned about the dressing and for sacred places like buddhist temples, wear something that covers allmost all parts of the body and stay out of photographing with your back facing to any statues of buddhist, hindu or catalic statues.
In budhist temples they do not like when wearing caps, hats and footware. so stay out of it.
Always use a metered taxi service, whenever you are travelling and which cost standard 50 LKR for initial killometer and 40 LKR for the remaining. You may contact a cab service by yourself and get a very cheap packages with negotiations rather tuk tuk service.
Sri Lankan directory service number is 1231,you may dial this number from any phone line inside island and obtain any cab service information, or any other contact numbers from them, which is free of charge from local lines
You may dial 1919 from any phone line (0094112191919 from outside island) and obtain information of any nature whenever you are in a middle of anything , which is free of charge from local lines
Travelling to southern part of the island is quicker with newly opened express way and you can obtain a transport service from maharagama, a city from 10km from colombo city and which will save you three hours travel from usual galle road service. The service available from 6am to 6pm by and between Maharagama to Galle and back. The time of travel inbetween will be 1 hour.
you may plan to use local train service. It will be cheaper than any other mode of travel. But locals are crowded sometimes so better be off from rush hours like 6am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm. In any local help need, ask from a person who wears smartly, policemans or any person who are a merchant in a local store. They always provide better help than any con man.
Usually people in the southern part and upto kalpitiya area are differs from the rest, more scamable. so beware from conman in these regions.
Other than that, its a very friendly neighbor, so much of places to visit, climatic changes from 30km aparts. enjoy. Really stunning destination for your travel

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