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Thailand holiday package
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There is very little fuss as far legal formalities are concerned when it comes to Thailand holidays. There is no requirement of Visa for ordinary passport holders belonging to Western and Asian countries who go to Thailand for the purpose of tourism. Tourists who come to Thailand by air get 30-day permit but those coming by road are allowed a permit of only 15 days. However, in case of such countries which are less popular or have a dubious distinction of ‘document forgery’ need to contact the concerned Thai embassies to get Visa in advance.

The most economical way to go to Thailand is going by air since Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia’s busiest airports and most of the flights that fly to Asia fly to Bangkok also thereby making air fares quite cheap. THAI airways and Bangkok Airways are the two national carriers in Thailand. Sights seeing and roaming around the beautiful cities in the Thailand tour package is a comfortable and pleasant experience. The public transport sets up high standards, being one of the best in Asia.

Tourism has amplified the economy of Thailand to a great extent and thus to enjoy the Thailand tour package to the optimum levels, one is advised to carry funds in abundance so as take full value of the place with its wide variety of shopping options.

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