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Thailand holiday package
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Thailand tour package brings one closer to the vibrant and exuberant culture of the place. Thai culture is deeply influenced by Buddhism. It is not just the Mainland Thai culture that is prevalent in Thailand but the Thai culture also incorporates many other cultures like those of hill tribes in the northern mountainous regions of Thailand like Hmong, Karen, Lisu, Lahu, Akha; Muslims of the southern regions and a considerable number of island people of the Andaman sea.
Spirit house is a pre-Buddhist tradition that still exists in Thailand. It is a very mysterious traditional system in which the people believe that placing spirit houses at the corners of houses and offices so that evil spirits do not enter their places and wreak havoc. One of the most famous spirit houses in Thailand is the Erawan shrine which is located in the central Bangkok. You can easily experience this through your visit of the Thailand tour package.
The sports and art spirit is also a grand attraction of the Thailand holiday package. Thai dancing and music based on religious entertainment serve as some of the most popular traditional art forms which are highly popular in Thailand. Thai boxing is the country’s most popular sport which is a worldwide attraction. It is influenced by the military training of Thai warrior

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