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Tour In Tripura
Tripura Tour

Tripura is a state in North-East India, with an area of 4,051 sq. mi. or 10,491.69 km. Tripura is surrounded by Bangladesh on the north, south, and west. The Indian states of Assam and Mizoram lie to the east. The capital is Agartala and the main languages spoken are Bengali and Kokborok. It was formerly an independent Tripuri kingdom and was merged with independent India on 15 October 1949 by the Tripura Merger Agreement. It was also known as "Hill Tippera" (anglicized version of Tipra) during the British Raj period and has a history of over 2500 years and 186 kings

Places of Interest


Kumarghat: Kumarghat is in North Tripura District of Tripura. It is known for its extensive pineapple cultivation. This being the prime occupation of the inhabitants, Kumarghat in Tripura is the highest producer of the fruit in the state. Kumarghat Tripura supplies large quantity of pineapples to Assam and other neighboring states in the north east of India. Kumarghat is at a distance of 140 km from the state capital, Agartala. The nearest railway station is Kumarghat Railway Station and the nearest airport is Agartala Airport.

Unakoti: The Unakoti Tirtha 178 km from Agartala is a unique place, which cannot be compared to any other place in the country in terms of absolute grandeur and artistry. Unakoti is deservedly reputed for its 7th - 9th century AD stone and rock cut images, deep in the forests near Kailashahar. Unakoti literally means one less than a corer (10 million) i.e. 99, 99,999. The place does not have that many rock-cut sculptures, but these hundreds of massive rock-cut sculptures and those made out of sandstone, besides scattered ruins of ancient temples make Unakoti a unique place.


Dharmanagar: Dharmanagar is a town located in the North Tripura district and is the second biggest town of Tripura. It is located between 24.37° North latitude and 92.17° East longitude. Perched at a height of 21 meters (68 feet) above mean sea level, flash floods occur during the summer season and cause heavy damage. The nearest airport is in Silchar and the National Highway 44 (NH 44) connects Dharmanagar to Guwahati. The dense forests of Dharmanagar are inhabited by Kokborok tribes.


Badharghat: Badharghat is a town in West Tripura district in the state of Tripura in India. West Tripura is an administrative district with headquarters located at Agartala. The district covers an area of 2997 square kilometers and has a total population of 1,530,531 (according to the 2001 census). The four subdivisions of this district are Sadar, Sonamura, Khowai and Bishalgarh. This district also has sixteen blocks, namely Jampuijala, Mandwi, Melaghar, Bishalgarh, Kathalia, Hezamara, Jirania, Padmabhil, Tulashikar, Boxanagar, Teliamura, Mohanpur, Mungiakami, Dukli, Khowai and Kalyanpur.


Gakulnagar: Gakulnagar is a census town in West Tripura district of the northeastern state of India, Tripura.

As of 2001 India census report, Gakulnagar had a small population of 9037 inhabitants. Males constitute 54% of the population and females constitute 46% of the population. In Gakulnagar, 15% of the population is less than six years of age. Gakulnagar has an average literacy rate of 66%, which is higher than the national average literacy rate of 59.5%. The male literacy rate is 73%, and the female literacy rate is 57%.


Kunjaban: Kunjaban is a census town that is located in the West Tripura district of the Indian state of Tripura.

Any conversation on any place is incomplete without gathering any kind of information about its demography. So various demographers of India too have conducted surveys and research works in Kunjaban and thus inferred reports that help one to get enlightened with several fact of this particular town. One of the major reports is the Census report of India. Being published in the year 2001, this report depicts quite a number of relevant data like population, literacy rate etc. According to this census report, the total population of India has been enumerated to be 7352. In addition, if one desires to understand the condition of males, females, as well as children, going through the report is a must. Thus the male populace constitutes of 59 percent. The female literacy rate is only 41 percent only. In Kunjaban town, 10 percent of the total population is below six years of age.


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