Spring Holidays
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Turkey holiday package
Turkey holiday package

If you are visiting Turkey as a tourist you can obtain a Tourist visa (Single Entry) valid for 90 days, on arrival at any port of entry in Turkey at a cost of 15 euro.
Most travelers can purchase a visa at any port of entry, but you must have cash. They do not accept traveler's checks or Turkish lira. If you'd like to avoid the delay of purchasing a visa when you arrive, you can apply online.
Americans and U.K. residents need visas. Visas are good for three months. There is a non-refundable processing fee of 26 USD in cash or money order for single entry or 87 USD in cash or money order for multiple entry, payable to Turkish Consulate General. Full information on these requirements is available at the Turkish Consulate Online
Australians and Canadians do not need visas and may stay for three months

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