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Located on the banks of the river Rapti, Balrampur is an important town of Uttar Pradesh and is known to be assocciated with the holy Buddhist and Jain places. The city is also famous for the Balrampur Chini Mills that claims to be one of the largest sugar manufacturing industries in India. Balrampur is mainly associated with the religious sites that are the tourist attractions here. There are a lot of Buddhist monasteries and ruins that attract horde of tourists from different parts of India. The tours to Balrampur will take you on an exciting journey that embraces not only the tourist attractions but also a lot of information associated with these tourist attractions.


Balrampur makes for an important stop over in the tour itinerary of the pilgrim travelers and call for a sure visit. There are a lot of important tourist attractions

that include the Buddhist tourist sites and important places where Buddha once meditated.


The Balrampur Tours begin with Sahet which is located on the Sravasti road and sprawls over an area of 400 acres famous for its collection of ancient ruins.

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A little northwards of Sahet, towards the Rapti River one will find the ancient city of Mahet that has a fortified doorway to Mahet and made of mud, built in a stunning crescent shape. The religious tourists will have their wishes fulfilled as there is Sobhnath temple, which has some great Stupas. These Stupas reveal the Buddhist tradition and brag of the history of the monasteries that you can obviously witness on your tours to Balrampur.

There is more to come on your travel to Balrampur as you will witness one of the oldest monasteries in India and was the most preferred sites of Gautam Buddha. It houses inscriptions from the 12th century and also nearby there is a Peepal tree which is considered very sacred by the people since it is the sapling of the original Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya.

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