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The magnificent city of the Avadh rulers is a confluence of the richest forms of art, culture and traditions. It is under their rule that art forms like Kathak, Thumri, Khayal, Dadra, Qawali, Ghazals and Shero-Shairi saw their finest hour. Culinary skills, too, reached heights of excellence as the nawabs were not only gracious hosts but also extremely fond of good nutritious food. The legacy of the exquisite embroidery continues even today.


The field of architecture saw re-interpretation of the existing styles and experimentation in the fusion of the occidental and the oriental style of architecture.

The city of Lucknow is popularly called the city of Nawabs and Kebabs. Described as the 'golden city of the east" for its past splendor, Lucknow still retains the old world charm. The city is famous for its gharanas or schools of Indian classical music, and chikan work (embroidered cotton). The city is fast modernizing but blends the progress with its tradition and culture.


There are several tourist attractions in Lucknow. The Bada Imambada, built by Asaf-ud-Daula in the year 1784 was part of the famine relief project where a number of laborers were appointed to build this Imambada. It is said that this hall is the world's largest arched room without any pillars and the Nawabs used to hold their public hearings. The Rumi Darwaza was also built as a relief work during the famine of 1783. This edifice, which is 60 feet high, is believed to be built like one of the gates of Constantinople The Husainabad Imambada, also known as Chhota Imambada is the mausoleum of Mohammed Ali Shah. The Imambada also encloses a tank with small imitations of the Taj Mahal on each side There is also the tallest clock tower estimated to be 67 m high overlooking the Husainabad tank


It looks magnificent when illuminated during the Muharram.The remnants of British rule in India are seen in the ruins of Lucknow Residency, which was once the Mansion of East India Company's agent in Avadh during the Sepoy Mutiny. Near the Husainabad Imambada lies the Jami Masjid, the largest mosque in Lucknow.The construction of the mosque was started by Mohammed Shah and was completed by his wife after his death in the 1840s. To the right side of the Bada Imambada lies another mosque named after Asaf-ud-Daula.Anyone interested in Nawabi history should visit the picture gallery near the clock tower of Husainabad Imambada which has a number of portraits of almost all the Nawabs of Lucknow.Banarsi Bagh is a zoo within the premises of which is the state museum where a number of impressive historical items are kept. The splendid collection of stone sculptures that have been brought from Mathura, an Egyptian mummy, a statue of queen Victoria and some of Her highness's court men, which is kept in the garden area of the museum complex are fascinating.

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